The Candidate Experience and The Importance of the Human Factor

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Finding suitable candidates for a job can be a long and tough process for everyone involved – including the candidate!

– 60% of candidates don’t receive regular updates on their status or position at all
– 52% of candidates feel like they are not treated as an individual when going through the recruitment process
– The detrimental monetary impact of herding candidates together and not choosing the right one for a job from the start can be significant

It is important to realise that even though you have your company’s best interests at heart, the people applying for jobs within your company are doing so to make changes in their life, find a job they can really be passionate about, pay the bills and support their lifestyle. It means a lot to employers to fill a vacancy, but a new job – particularly full time – can be life changing to a prospective employee and thus job hunting can be an emotional process. For this reason it pays to be mindful of how you treat your prospective candidate with regards to keeping them in the loop about the status of their application. It also pays to make sure they’re aware right away if they’ve moved through to the next stage of the recruitment process, or if they’re not suitable for a particular position. recognises the importance of the human factor; a meaningful and honest relationship between recruiter and candidate is one of the most important factors in keeping applicants happy. Read on for how to make recruiting easier, for everyone!

We’re all unique
It may be simpler to herd candidates together based on credentials alone, but everyone is different and should be treated as such. A candidate’s personality and character are almost as important as the prerequisite skills required for the position, so getting to know your applicant with personalised emails and a genuine interest is a sure fire way to ensure their compliance. Social media is a powerful tool these days too – and a disgruntled candidate with a large social network online can prove harmful.

We all want respect
Your candidate will be looking at this process as a way to change their life for the better and may often be a little intimidated by the idea of intense scrutiny of their attributes, experience, strengths and weaknesses. Although most of us are used to this scrutiny during the application process, be sure to show respect where it is due.

Additionally, people take a lot of effort to put themselves on display for interviews – so show interest in the candidate as a person and not just as a potential employee, ensure they feel taken seriously during the interview process and in turn, they should give you honest and immediate answers to your questions that aren’t simply regurgitated from an internet forum.

We all need to communicate
Keep up the communication – one of the biggest complaints by candidates about recruiters and agencies is the lack of updates regarding their application. A recent LinkedIn survey cited 60% of candidates as receiving no information about the status of the position at all. The way you treat prospective employees can reflect the sentiments of your company and satisfaction is key in all aspects of business, from customer to employee and among employees and peers. is an online recruitment agency that knows how to keep its employers and candidates happy and in the loop. Visit our homepage for more information on how we can help you build a contented workforce.