Every Team Needs These People

We came across an interesting article from Simplify Personal Productivity, which looked at some of the character types that every team needs. Below, we have summarised accordingly.
The most successful teams are diverse, made up of multiple skillsets that complement each other to create an overall perfect strategy. The personalities of the individual members can be as important as the talents – if not more so.

The Instigator – This person is the catalyst that kicks things off, is free with their ideas and will gladly assume the difficult tasks to drive the project forward.

The Revolutionary – True innovation lies in thinking outside of the box and challenging the norms of the situation. Revolutionaries challenge everything and try to find the positive from any situation.

The Devil’s Advocate – Questioning everything is something invaluable to a business, helping to identify hidden risks and improve the eventual strategy.

The Cook – Bringing together the ingredients of the whole team, the cook will include all ideas and personalities to find the best final recipe. Taking something from everybody, the cook makes sure that the team is happy and that everybody’s individual specialty is making a contribution.

The Chief – The chief is the one who offers wisdom and arbitration, the resolver of conflict and the driver of the project. The chief will make sure that any deviations from topic are integral to the end goal and that everybody is moving in the right direction.

All of these roles are integral to the success of the team, but they each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Managed well, these five characters are the recipe for success.

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