How to Make Yourself Irreplaceable in the Workplace

To ensure you have a solid position within your workplace you should know the specific language of your industry. This includes leaving out jargon, successfully navigating through the office culture and avoiding unnecessary politics.

Everyone wants to feel that they are irreplaceable within their job role and that their boss is aware of their value, so here are some tips to help you to maximise your worth as an invaluable employee.

Tip 1) Everyone wants to work with someone who is knowledgeable and who has the answers but not someone who is prone to showing off. Being big headed can lead to offending your co-workers or your boss, causing feelings of resentment. By demonstrating that you are competent and helping colleagues with information and tasks, you will show that you are a natural leader and are willing to overcome any difficulties within the company. You will also show that you have good people skills as your co-workers appreciate your help. Do not flaunt your superiority.

Tip 2) Keep moving forward within the job role by learning about the latest innovation within your industry. Take up any training offered on these new techniques or technology to strengthen your skill base and demonstrate your flexibility and function. Avoid being the last to learn or embrace changes within the job role.

Tip 3) Focus your skills for the workplace, quoting Shakespeare shows education but won’t necessarily help you in your job role as an estate agent. So ensure that you bring all of your work essential talents to the task at hand. In short be fast, efficient, diligent and focused.

Tip 4) Building relationships with co-workers can be another great way to safeguard your position. Many people have lost their jobs because they fail to co-operate with their colleagues or just don’t get along. Talking about the job in hand can show that you are sociable and take the role seriously whereas discussing the latest episode of a television show shows that you are distracted from your role and have little care for it.
Co-workers who interact successfully with a myriad of personalities without confrontation are also more successful at becoming an essential member of staff.

Tip 5) Being able to communicate successfully within the specific linguistics of your industry is very important because if you aren’t able to, it could lead to real issues. The small difference between ‘filing a grievance’ and ‘filing a complaint’ can lead to your boss being given serious misinformation and the incorrect process being followed, which has negative consequences.
Be conscious of the language you use and how the industry translates the wording and make sure you are correctly using any terminology.
Success in your workplace can be heightened by following these tips and will make you an all-round more valued member of staff. is an online recruitment agency committed to low cost recruitment for SMEs.