Is That Company Good To Work For

We came across an interesting article from PRS recently, which looked at how you should find out whether a company is worth working for or not. Below, we have summarised accordingly.
Looking for a job can be difficult enough without having to worry about whether your offer is worth taking. Looking beyond the job description is the key to being happy in your future position – you want to know that you’re going to be respected and valued. So how do you find out?

Read The Sunday Times
The Sunday Times publish an annual ‘Best 100 Companies’ list – which indexes the best to work for companies throughout the United Kingdom, from huge public organisations to start-ups and not-for-profits.

Best Employer Survey
Another list is the ‘Best Employer Survey’ – particularly the ‘Employee Values’ section. This
database shortlists companies around the country which go to great lengths to care for their employees.

Salary Expectations
Make sure that you’re researching what the average salary is in your industry and be aware of this before you go for an interview. Applying for a role with below average salary can be an indication of poor employee values, but of course, there may be a reasonable explanation – it could be a charity or a start-up without a big budget.

Think about the benefits package: it can make a huge difference to what you will accept in a job offer. Think about flexible working, maternity and pensions – don’t be afraid to call the HR team.

The Horse’s Mouth
Ask around and try to speak to somebody who works for the company. Find out what you can expect, whether they’re happy in their job and feel like a valued member of the team. High staff turnover can be a bad sign, so make sure you do your research!

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