Can Summer Jobs Lead to Success Later in Life?


For some teenagers, the long summer holidays are a time for relaxation, socialising and enjoying a daily lie in. However, for many teenagers the extended break from school is a chance to embrace the world of work by embarking on a summer job. A new survey suggests that this early lust for employment leads to better salaries later in life, but are there enough jobs for hard-working teens?

Early Start = Better Prospects?
As a teenager, the thought of working during the summer holidays is a scary one for some. Many parents also find broaching the idea of work to their teens is an arduous task that may not be met with much enthusiasm. However, a study conducted by the University of British Columbia in Canada suggests that holding down some form of employment in early adolescence could lead to an increased wage later in life. The findings state that, although some parents may find the idea exploitative, even low-skill jobs such as flipping burgers or working in a shop can help prepare teenagers for the constraints of the ‘real world’. The early exposure to employment also encourages variety, i.e., the job can change from year to year, allowing young people to learn their preferences and skills as early as possible. This, in turn, helps them to make more serious choices later in life based on the knowledge of certain industries they have already been privy to.

Lack of Jobs = Lack of Motivation?
In spite of the large amount of teenagers willing to take on work this summer holiday, it appears that good summer jobs are few and far between.

– A massive 86.4% of students questioned by The Student Room said they intended to work in the summer
– Less than 20% say it’s easy to find a summer job
– Just under half of students questioned wanted to work in retail
– Just over a fifth of students questioned said they would ideally want to work in a bar/restaurant or somewhere else within the hospitality industry

However, due to the large demand for jobs this year, many have found it difficult to work in their desired industry and had had to think outside the box when it comes to earning a little extra money during their time off (perhaps they didn’t give online recruitment a go!).

If your first choice job is still proving hard to come by, although time is running out, perhaps compromising on what you want in favour of what you need may be better. Although some jobs are a lot less favourable than others and some employers tend to treat temporary staff in a more negative way, the ends outweigh the means in the long run. Having a detailed CV before you even reach university age is a great boost for your career, whatever it may be, suffice to say that a little hard work in your early years gives you valuable skills and knowledge to take with you during your later ones.

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