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How to Know if You’ve Aced an Interview

So you’ve spent hours putting together the perfect CV, setting up your online work profiles and planning how to answer the tough questions involved in your first interview…now you play the waiting game!

The stress of waiting for a response from potential employers is one of the hardest parts of the whole process, so is there any way you can tell if you’ve done well in your interview?

Signs of a Good Interview
There are ways to decipher whether your interviewer is engaged with you as a prospective employee and these start with non-verbal communication. We all communicate using body language and mannerisms, being able to read your interviewer is key in telling whether they are pleased with you and, equally, your non-verbal communication tells them a lot too.

Bright and friendly speech with lots of eye contact signifies a distinct interest in you as a person. Asking follow up questions both on a work and personal level also shows interest. Often, if an employer does not think you are right for the job instantly, the interview is unlikely to run over its allotted time; therefore if it does it is a good sign. If the interviewer reveals future plans for the company too or gives in-depth detail of the position you are applying for, it connotes a sense of trust and desire to educate you on the firm and position, which is improbable should they not consider you right for the job.

How to Know Whether to Keep Trying
After the initial question-asking and talks about the potential position, there are other ways to tell whether the job you have applied for is something to get your hopes up about. If the employer offers you a second interview on the spot, they are clearly pleased with your initial meeting, however if they say, ‘we’ll call you’ in a nonchalant tone, chances are they have envisioned someone different for the role.

Introducing candidates to current employees however or taking them for a tour around the office or working space indicates a strong desire to see how well candidates can integrate with a team – and a positive candidate response here could make up an indecisive interviewers’ mind for the better.

Keeping the Glass Half Full
Keeping positive and confident are key factors in ensuring engaging interviews that can lead to successful employment. keep a strong focus on the candidate experience and are happy to guide candidates through every part of the application process, from resumes to interviews.

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