London Life: Recruitment in The Capital Up Six Percent


London is a hub of international activity across a vast range of industries, particularly banking and finance but also fashion, property, tech and hospitality to name a few. operates nationwide across the length and breadth of the UK, including the City of London where we have observed findings in line with information released recently about the Capital’s job market.

Six Percent Rise in Vacancies

As a London recruitment agency, we’ve seen first-hand where demand in the capital has risen for jobs in recent months as the economy continues to heal. It was no surprise to us therefore to see The London Recruitment Index reporting a 6% increase in job vacancies throughout London compared to last year. Many of these are in the private sector with businesses onboarding senior talent as they anticipate success in a flourishing economy already exceeding initial expectations for growth.

IT and Digital Demand

We’ve noticed ourselves a high demand for IT and digital professionals, indeed there is a significant skills shortage in these key areas being reported across the UK, the reason being as above that companies spanning all industries and sectors are becoming more technical and needing support in this area as they forecast strong growth. Specifically, design management, implementation and integration experience is desired in the IT professional working in London.

When it comes to digital talent, professionals in this area are being recruited for roles such as designers and online content editors; companies are keeping an up-to-date online presence, and looking to increase online visibility for their businesses.

This puts the power into the hands of skilled professionals within these two industries; PHP Developers are commanding upto £350 per day and IT Service Managers £600 per day. Digital professionals too, are commanding in excess of £190 per day.

Contract Growth

In addition, contractors are enjoying a profitable time in the UK’s Capital as much of the expansion work businesses are undertaking is on a project basis. Demand for contractors has increased by 2% according to the report.

The Rest of the UK

Outside of London, recovery is worryingly, slower than in the Capital. The weakest recovery is in the North West and Northern Ireland, where job vacancies grew six times slower than in London. Economically, activity in London accounts for almost a quarter of the entire UK economy, a figure which has been on the increase for some years.

Recovery is most certainly in place and as businesses begin to do well, the power is in the candidate as it’s the employers who face a need for talent. If you’re looking to recruit in London, or in the IT and digital sectors, get in touch or submit your vacancy here.