Women at Work: The Times Top 50 List Shows Best Employers for Women

Gender equality in business is an ongoing issue with companies making a direct effort to put it to the forefront of their agenda. The Times recently released its list of the Top 50 Employers for Women, showcasing the employers that come out on top.

Who’s On the List?
The top 50 list includes a number prestigious companies and banks indicating that even stereotypically male-oriented firms are making the effort. Among the top places to work are Barclays, Diageo and Royal Mail, proving there are positions out there in a variety of industries waiting to be filled by the right applicant, regardless of gender. Other big names to make an appearance are National Grid, Marks & Spencer, CapGemini, Asda, KPMG, Goldman Sachs International, Santander and Microsoft.

Companies that have recently set up schemes in order to promote gender diversity within their offices -such as Lloyds which we reported on in February – have seen their firms make it onto The Times’ list must surely be chuffed with the result of their efforts.

What’s Next for Women?

Although many might suggest the battle for gender equality in the workplace has already been won with matching salaries and allowances for men and women, there are still some issues involving maternity leave and family commitments. Although there are rules in place to support women to this end, a lot of women still feel pressured to return to work or reduce time with family for fear of losing their current position.

Well-established companies on the list that have made a notable effort to be flexible should be delighted; businesses with a varied and diverse team become a melting pot of new and exciting ideas and as much as bad reviews travel fast…so do the good. Hats off to the top 50!

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